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Herb Konina

Short history of the Parish in Konin

1539 - Reverend Stanisław Lutomirski who studied in Wittenberga starts Reformation in Konin giving sermons in St. Bartholomew Church. In the second half of the 16th c. Leaves Konin.

XVIII - XIX w. Settlement of farmers and artisans evangelical confession(proponents of the science Fr. Dr. Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon) from different parts of Western Europe, coming to earth Konin "for bread".

1821 - Lutherans buy a wooden church with the garden beside it.

Kościół Ewangelicko-Augsburski w Koninie

1826 - Erigation of Parish in Konin.

1840 - Consecration of the presbytery.

1846 - Foundation of the commentary.

1849 - Beginning of the lutheran school.

1854 - Corner stone of the church.

Kościół Ewangelicko-Augsburski w Koninie

1856 - Consecration of the church.

1859 - Consecration of the organs.

1872 - Consecration of the bell-tower and bells.

1901 - 1915 - Rebuilding of the church.

1905 - Consecration of the poor-house.

1906 - Consecration of the Parish House in Wodna St.

1926 - Renovation of the church and presbytery.

1949 - The first service after the war conducted by Reverend Trenkler and confirmation of 90 persons. Church did not have any chandeliers, electric installations and organs, also two bells were stolen.

1953 - Installation of electricity in the church.

1959 - New organs purchased from the church in Polanica.

1963 - New chandeliers purchased from the church in Wałbrzych.

1977 - Rebuilding of the enclosure beside the church.

1979 - First common service with Catholics.

1981 - 1985 - Rebuilding of the presbytery.

1982 - Partnership with Detmold-Ost Parish in Germany.

1991 - Painting the church inside and conservation of chandeliers.

1996 - Consecration of the Parish House.

2003 - Establishing contacts with the Parish in Ahrensfelde near Berlin.

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